• Q: How does Rejoovena work?

    A: Rejoovena is a formulation of natural ingredients plus essential oils that have been extensively studied for a long period of time and have been found to possess qualities that fight stubborn growth of warts. This special combination of effective and natural warts treatment targets the root to reduce chances of growing back again. Rejoovena is the best formulation effective to remove warts on private parts and other sensitive areas such as face. Attacking the roots of the warts prevents outbreaks and the spread of it to other parts of the body. Once the formula touches these warts, it will turn lighter then black in a matter of days until they fall off.

  • Q: What makes Rejoovena different from all the other wart removers?

    A: Rejoovena utilizes herbal ingredients that has been used for many years as an antidote and for genital warts treatment. They are very effective in getting rid of all types of warts. RE●JOOVENA® WARTS GEL is designed to be used on sensitive areas such as genital or face, therefore it is mild, gentle not burning but effective enough to remove warts.

  • Q: I have sensitive skin, will Rejoovena give me skin irritation?

    A: We formulated our treatment to be as gentle as possible, this is why we picked the best yet most gentle ingredients that could target warts. Our formula is balanced to remove genital warts not causing burning sensation or scars. We want our product to be safe for use especially on the sensitive areas of the body however it is at the same time strong enough to get rid of planters warts, the deepest and most stubborn type of wart. We do not use toxic chemicals and prior to development of the product, the ingredients used in Rejoovena has been extensively researched to ensure your safety and will not produce burning or sting sensations on genital.

  • Q: How to Use Rejoovena?

    A: Clean and dry affected area, apply gel over warts/verruca and let it to dry. Do not cover. Repeat the Process at least twice a day. The best time of the day to apply Rejoovena is just after the shower when the skin is softer and the porous are open. The most effective time to apply Rejoovena is during the very start of an outbreak when you feel the first tingling or itching. You can use Rejoovena continuously for up to six weeks.

  • Q: How long will I wait before Rejoovena to take effect?

    A: You won’t have to wait for long because our formula works instantly after application. You will notice the change of color of the wart from flesh to white. After a couple more applications it will turn gray to black, which is the final stage of the wart eliminating process depending on the size and harden of warts.

  • Q: Will Rejoovena help prevent genital warts from recurring?

    A: Genital warts are caused by strains of Human Papillomavirus. There is no known cure for this virus, however removing warts will reduce chances of outbreaks that can be a hassle and sometimes even painful. Remember warts are contagious and may be transferred through contact such as having sex with someone with warts on her or his private parts (genital).