It assists to treat piles and relieve pain caused by piles. It fights and alleviates severe constipation, soothes swelling and inflammation of veins. Alleviates anal itching and discharge.

  • Common symptoms of piles include:
  • Bleeding from your anus – you may only see this as bright, red blood on toilet paper.
  • A lump in or around your anus.
  • A slimy discharge of mucus.
  • A feeling that your bowels haven’t emptied completely.
  • Itchy skin and swelling around your anus.
Van Heerden - Cape Town

Hi Rejoovena,  I purchased your pain relief and I am glad to recommend it to others, it really does a good job.

Mrs Mhkize - Durban

thank you for such a wonderful product, i used warts removal gel and it has taken away the warts from my body. thank you for this good work.

Anonymous - Port Elizabeth

I would highly recommend your Warts Gel, it has brought great relief an removed warts from my body. I dn't know about the other products but after testing the warts gel I think this company has good products that work.

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