Rejoovena Energy Tonic is a supplement product which is recommended for people working long hours, feeling tired, people who are doing stressful jobs, and those who are feeling depressed and stressed.  Energy Tonic is an alternative supplement product for physical energy and revitalisation of mental strength, instead of using high caffeinated products.  

Benefits of using Rejoovena Energy Tonic

Stress hormones subsequently raise blood pressure, cholesterol, potassium levels, and increase risk factors for heart diseases.

Adaptogens are natural plants substances that increase the body’s non-specific resistances and normalise the functions of the body. When a stressful situation occurs, consuming adaptogens will generate a degree of generalised adaptation that allows our physiology to handle the stressful situation in a more resourceful manner.

This product has ingredients which assist in increasing the ability of cells to manufacture and use cell fuel more efficiently.

Rejoovena Energy Tonic will also work as a therapy in conditions such as decline in work performance, sleep disturbance, headache, and fatigue developing subsequent to intense physical or intellectual strain.


Energy Tonic assists to reduce depression levels and boost one’s mental state.


Rejoovena Energy Tonic enhances memory and concentration ability over a prolonged periods. It increases the bioelectrical activity of the brain which improves memory and brain energy. Some of the

in this product help to reduce mental fatigue, improves sleep patterns and a great motivation to study.

Muscle Recovery

Energy Tonic assist to increase attention span, strength, and anti-toxic action. It improves physical fitness, mental performance and general wellbeing. It increases the level of enzymes, RNA, and proteins important to muscle recovery after exhaustive exercise. It also stimulates muscle energy status.

Cardiac Problems caused or aggravated by stress

Energy Tonic assist in decreasing the abnormal presence of stress hormones, harmful blood lipids and thus decrease risk of heart disease.

It assists in uptake of more intracellular calcium into the heart thus promoting a greater potential for heart muscle contraction.  

Van Heerden - Cape Town

Hi Rejoovena,  I purchased your pain relief and I am glad to recommend it to others, it really does a good job.

Mrs Mhkize - Durban

thank you for such a wonderful product, i used warts removal gel and it has taken away the warts from my body. thank you for this good work.

Anonymous - Port Elizabeth

I would highly recommend your Warts Gel, it has brought great relief an removed warts from my body. I dn't know about the other products but after testing the warts gel I think this company has good products that work.

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